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The OctoberWoman Foundation for Breast Cancer Research -

The OctoberWoman Foundation

P. O. Box 296
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
(201) 391-0792


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Our Foundation Story

The Foundation was created in 1994 by the DiBella Family as a means to raise money and awareness in the field of breast cancer after losing loved ones to the disease. 

Since that time, the founders have worked to expand their supporter base and broaden their outreach. They have instituted a new name – one that will call to mind all the women who struggle every day with breast cancer. They now call themselves OctoberWoman – for the month dedicated worldwide as a special one in the fight against the disease. This new name broadened the foundation’s outreach, but did not change the foundation’s basics. The same strong mission remains.


         Foundation Facts

Since 1994, the OctoberWoman Foundation has donated over $2,250,000 to fund breast cancer research.

In the very beginning, the foundation purchased an apheresis machine for patients undergoing stem cell transplants at Columbia University Medical Center.

The foundation has funded student fellowships in the field of gene research.

In 2001, James Gandolfini returns home to Park Ridge, NJ to lend support to his hometown charity, The OctoberWoman Foundation for breast cancer research. James brings along fellow cast-member, Aida Turturro, from the renowned HBO series, The Sopranos, to join in the fundraising festivities.

Columbia University Medical Center launches the first clinical trial in novel vaccine therapies for treating women with advanced breast cancer.

Once again, the OctoberWoman Foundation broadens its outreach by hosting the First Annual Pink Ribbon Walk in May 2006 with the help of Park Ridge Animal Hospital and Interstate Waste Services. The walk raised over $50,000 with a portion of the proceeds given to the MASK Foundation in memory of Dr. Maryanne Kern, a wife, mom and veterinarian from Park Ridge Animal Hospital.

The foundation joins hands with Hackensack University Medical Center and Dr. Richard Davies in 2006 and supports his research efforts in the field of non-invasive biopsy.

The OctoberWoman foundation has grown to over 5,000 supporters, both individuals and corporations, who generously contribute time and money to help in the fight against breast cancer. Corporate Sponsorship has been vital in helping us achieve the level of research dollars we have granted thus far.

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